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We are replacing the stolen voting rights of at least 6 new voters to support Trump in 2024. We will not be silenced and our votes will be magnified sixfold.

Many J6ers that have been prosecuted and convicted for a felony will not be allowed to vote this upcoming 2024 Presidential Elections. That is why I decided to start the one for six movement which will require for each J6er that cannot vote this upcoming election that we must make it our duty to mobilize and go out and find six more possible voters that will register or switch party lines to vote for the next President of these Untied States of America, Donald J Trump. The one for six movement is symbolic representing each J6er that sits in jail waiting for their day in court or have been convicted already. If you could register more than six voters, please do so! This government cannot silence all of us! Make sure to let everyone know to start using the tag #1for6 to bring awareness to this movement and to help get Donald J. Trump back in office to issue full pardons all J6 hostages once and for all.

How You Can Help

Restore Voters Rights • Register Voters • Volunteer at Polls

Click the button below to explore the 3 major ways that you can do your part to increase voter participation in the 2024 elections and thereby assist in the political battle for the soul of our Nation and the ultimate restoration of our beloved Constitutional Republic.

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